API integration, web services, xml api

We are expert in integrating 3 party API, web services and XML feeds. Application programming interface know as API, act as a way to incorporate / include data from the other web systems into our web application. Web systems are designed in such a way that their data can be shared with partner websites. Generally API access require authentication as they are not open for public.

XML API integration 

XML api’s are popular in travel industry, payment gateways, affiliate marketing. Travel companies share their hotel inventory, provide availability, search and booking via XML api for their affiliate and partners. Thousands of partner websites uses same master inventory database using XML API. You can read more about XML api here.

– XML API integration is used in hotel booking websites.

– XML API integration is required in some payment gateways.

– API integration is required for Facebook apps.

– API integration is required for Google maps, google distance metrics and other google apis.

– API integration is required for using Bulk SMS.

– XML feeds are used to pull data from custom systems, CMS like wordpress, joomla etc.

We are expert in API integration in PHP, .NET, JavaScript etc. Call 91-522-4074109 / 91-9236144812 or write us at welcome@babysoft.in to discuss.

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